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Sed scelerisque

Bottom Line:  If Code Studio is used only for the kids who finish early or for one small group of students in our classes, we add to this problem.  K5 Code Studio is aimed to expose ALL students to computer science.

Discussion Questions:

What reactions do you have to these statistics and perspectives?
Do you agree with the perspectives presented? Why or why not?
How do you see these assumptions and biases about STEM and Computer Science playing out in your classroom? Your community? Your life?

Top Five Tips for Creating a More Equitable CS Learning Environment in Your Classroom

  1. Reflect on your own biases and assumptions about computer science. Ensure you are aware of the inequity you might be creating through your words and actions in the classroom. Learn how >>
  2. Signal an inclusive and equitable classroom environment at all times through your actions, seating arrangements, strategic grouping choices, posters and classroom decorations, etc.  Learn how >>
  3. Facilitate conversations and activities in which students reflect on their biases and assumptions about themselves and others as they pertain to computer science and STEM education. Learn how >>
  4. Explicitly teach strategies for students to employ when confronted with bias from others, both in and out of the classroom. Learn how >>
  5. Foster a culture of resiliency, tenacity and grit by modeling and supporting student self-advocacy. Learn how >>